We have over 50 years experience with DC Sewer Cleaning Services

Sanitary and Storm Sewer Cleaning Services –  We are confined space certified.

Sewer Cleaning Services Surface or Subterranean Water Blasting – We can handle all of your needs for sanitary or storm sewers. We’re able to rip rap and specialize in non-invasive digging.

Excavation & Clean Up – We can provide Vacuum Jet excavation for fiber optics and underground storage tank repairs. These areas require special water jet equipment, which we have in our fleet. JPS Inc specialize in small or large pipe line repairs. Our company is able to handle both interior and exterior emergency repairs. JPS Inc has been servicing the metro area for over 60 years. We also specialize in water main and sewer plant digester cleaning. When needed, we can provide slip lining otherwise known as pipe relining.

Specialized Services

DC Sewer Cleaning Services Ejector Pit Cleaning –  We offer a range of ejector pit cleaning services. All of our services are offered in the DC metropolitan area. Some of our popular pit cleaning services include:

  • boiler tube cleaning
  • G&O separators
  • catch basins
  • fly ash pit cleaning
  • grease trap cleaning
  • retention, silt, or waste pond cleaning
  • sewage digester
  • sludge vaults
  • garage pit cleaning
  • petroleum or oil storage tanks
  • petroleum transfers
  • ship bilge & waste removal & disposal

Closed Circuit Color TV Inspection Services – We’ve inspected countless pipes using our closed circuit TV systems over the years. We offer CCTV pipe inspection services in the metro area. Some of our common areas of expertise are:

  • sanitary & storm sewer inspection
  • pipe line inspection
  • water line inspection
  • tank inspection
  • inspect and clean bore tubes
  • enclosed vaults (both surface and below ground)
  • surveys
  • consultations

Additional Sewer Cleaning Services

Emergency Services – No one wants to have to make that call for emergency services. When disaster strikes, you want a reliable partner and someone to help get things back to normal. We serve the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas with emergency services. Our services are available at a reasonable rate. Some examples of emergency services we provide are:

  • clean up of oil spills
  • storm sewer floods cleanup
  • sewer flood cleanup
  • industrial flood cleanup
  • bypass pumping
  • stand-by water supply

Preventative Maintenance – The best investment in your sewer system is preventative maintenance. Find problem areas in your system and save tons of money. We specialize in sewer maintenance services for the DC metro area. We’re able to provide service on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly level.  All of our service packages are custom and budgeted to meet your needs.

Support Services

State-of-the-Art support – We stand by our service and offer unmatched support. Our fleet is equipped with 24 hour radio dispatch. We have on-call foremen and support team ready to work at any hour. With our lighting and generator equipment, we’re prepared for any conditions day and night.

Registered Plumbers – To support our sewer repair fleet, we have registered plumbers on staff. Our plumbers specialize in commercial and industrial plumbing emergencies. Some common areas of plumbing we offer are

  • commercial / industrial cleaning
  • sand filter repair
  • g&o separaters
  • storm and sanitary drain cleaning
  • pipe line cleaning
  • garage pit injector pump cleaning and repair

With no job too large, we’re prepared to take on your plumbing needs.