DC Seworootor Equipment

Areas Largest Sewer Equipment Fleet

J.P Seworootor has a virtual arsenal of DC Seworootor Equipment. We’re ready to work 24/7 and can accomplish any size job. We have the proper equipment and a highly experience team for all of your DC Sewer Equipment needs:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Water Blasters: Wet-Dry Vacuum:
6 GPM 2,500 PSI Guzzler CL
12 GPM 2500 PSI Vacuum Excavator
18 GPM 4,000 PSI 3,5000 gal. 1250 CFM Water ring units
20 GPM 10,000 PSI
10 GPM 20,000 PSI
70 GPM 2,000 PSI

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Wet Vacuum:

Our equipment includes many vehicles prepped for wet vacuum needs. Our fleet is reliable and prepared for your wet vaccum sewer needs. Our fleet includes low clearance trucks that are perfect for parking garage pit cleaning. We have a fleet of modern Guzzler CL trucks and US Jetting water jets.

  • low clearance vacuum and truck units (6′ clearance!)
  • 1500 gal., 1800 gal., 3000 gal.
  • multiple 3500 gal. trucks with full open door
  • many trucks equipped with boom
  • vacuum pumps 250 CFM to 6500 CFM at 27” vacuum


Vacuum excavation is one of our specialties. We provide excavation services to the DC metro area, Virginia and Maryland areas. We have taken on large excavation projects and can provide estimates for your next project. We’re able to provide backhoe excavation as well as less invasive vacuum excavation. Vacuum excavation is the only choice in areas where fiber optic cable is present.

  • Terramite
  • DIG it
  • Vacuum-Jet excavators
  • multiple backhoses
  • dump trucks
  • roll-off boxes

Additional DC Sewer Equipment

Mobile Support Units:

Without support, our DC Sewer Equipment fleet wouldn’t be complete. To supplement our sewer repair and excavation vehicles, we have the following:

  • Root cutting – for areas with roots in pipes
  • sewer cleaning service units
  • fuel-lube trucks
  • absorbent material van
  • safety van
  • storage trailers
  • roll-off stoage boxes
  • tankers
  • root cutter
  • safety & confined space trained and licensed personal

CCTV Pipe / Tank Inspection Units:

We’ve specialized in closed circuit TV inspection for many years. If you need CCTV pipe or tank inspection, we have the equipment and expertise to help. Some of our CCTV pipe inspection equipment includes:

  • 1 ½” up to mainline waterproof cameras with monitor
  • DVD recorder
  • 1000’  coax
  • footage counter
  • computer link & printout display modules
  • color tractor & tow cameras with pan & tilt camera head

Miscellaneous DC Sewer Equipment:

Our line of DC Sewer Equipment is vast. Here are some of the equipment that doesn’t fall in the previous groups.

  • 2500 watt, 4000 watt, 12.5 Kwatt generators
  • 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” centrifugal pumps
  • 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4” submersible portable pumps
  • portable lighting to  5 mil. CandlePower
  • support boats of steel,  aluminum & rubber
  • portable rodders
  • pipe and metal locators
  • portable tanks