Starting in 1958 J.P. Seworootor Inc. was pioneering sewer and drain cleaning with our innovative sewer cleaning techniques.  Inventing special sewer cleaning equipment allowed J.P.S. Inc. to become Washington Metropolitan’s largest sewer cleaning company.

Now over 50 years later J.P. Seworootor Inc. is still Washington Metro’s largest sewer cleaning company constantly striving for perfection.  Our research and development team works closely with our equipment manufacturer to develop state of the art equipment to keep up with the constant environmental changes.  JPS provides our customers with complete storm water management including cleaning and rebuilding, sanitary sewer cleaning and repair, water jet and water blasting services.  We also offer complete video pipe inspection of all size pipelines and a complete service fleet for mechanical snake cleaning and pipe repair.  J.P. Seworootor employs master and journeyman plumbers to assist in all services our customers may need.   Our company is available 24-7 with technicians on call for any emergency.