Sanitary and Storm Sewer Cleaning  –  We are confined space confined.

Surface or Subterranean Water Blasting – Sanitary or storm sewers, rip rap product waste or without additives such as sand, etc.

Excavation & Clean Up – Vacuum  Jet excavation for fiber optics, underground fiberglass tank repairs or where mechanical excavation can harm utilities and vacuum technology will not backhoes, dump trucks, small or large pipe line repairs, interior as well as exterior emergency repairs, slip lining, water main or sewer plant cleaning

Pit Cleaning –  G & O separators, catch basins, fly ash, sand or grease traps, retention, silt or waste ponds, sewage digester, sludge vaults, surface or sub-basement (low clearance) ejector pits, product waste, petroleum or oil storage tanks,  petroleum transfers, ship bilge & waste removal & disposal

Closed Circuit Color TV Inspection Services – sanitary & storm sewers, pipe lines, tanks, enclosed vaults either  surface or below ground, video presentations, surveys, consultations

Emergency Services – such as clean up of oil or dry spills, floods, by-pass pumping, stand-by water supply, containment and absorbent materials

Preventative Maintenance – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly budgeted to meet your needs

State-of-the-Art support -cellular telephones, 24 hour radio dispatched and on call foremen, dedicated & mobile fax units & support units, power generators, lightning

Registered Plumbers – Specializing in commercial and industrial emergency repairs. No job too large.